12 unlucky inventors killed by their own inventions


Throughout history, inventors are often described as eccentrics in the popular media. They are styled with messy hair and it is noticeable that they disregard their own safety or the safety of others. As an example, it would not be wrong to cite Doc Brown, the crazy inventor of the Back to the Future series. Sometimes these inventors do amazing things, bringing humanity’s collective knowledge and talent into the future, often putting themselves or other people in danger in the process.

In reality, most inventors are ordinary people and have extraordinary ideas. It is clear that for every innovation we enjoy in modern life, we owe it to an enterprising inventor or a team of inventors. The toilet at home, the refrigerators, the car you drive to work, and the television you watch when you get home, all first appeared in the minds of the inventors.

But sometimes we can see names that bring the inventors of popular culture very close to real life. These names we are talking about include those who wanted to do much more extraordinary work than other inventors, but lost their lives on this path. These unfortunate inventors took incredible risks in pursuit of knowledge or were very unlucky. Worst of all, their deaths were caused by their own inventions.

Just below you will find the stories of 12 unfortunate inventors who lost their lives because of their own inventions…


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