A professor broke the record for longest underwater stay


a professor from Florida, for 74 days He broke the world record for the longest underwater stay under water without pressure. “Dr. Deep Seaalso known as “ Joseph KnowledgeHe stayed in a scuba diving cabin under the Florida Keys the entire time, setting the record for just over 73 days in exactly the same place in 2014.

Despite breaking the record with ease, the story remained in place as it prepared for broadcast. Dituri now plans to stay in the cabin for 100 days to complete a mission he calls Project Neptune 100.

How did Dituri stay sane for two and a half months in complete isolation?

First of all, Dituri is said to be a strict underwater regimen. According to APNews, she has microwaved meals, a daily push-up and resistance band workout routine. The project aims to understand how the human body copes with increased pressure over a long period of time, so it subjects itself to a lot of physiological monitoring to make sure nothing goes unchecked.


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