After giving a DNA sample, she learned about her father’s secret past…


DNA evidence obtained by US police officials in Nebraska, Australia John Vincent Damon a man living under the name is actually a US escaped convict William Leslie Arnold showed that.

Arnold was 16 when he killed his parents and buried them in the backyard, US police officials said. Two weeks after their deaths, he told family members and others that their parents had gone on a trip, before confessing to the murders by showing authorities where they were buried.

The teenager, who was sentenced to two life sentences, was said to have been a model prisoner for nearly a decade at the Nebraska State Penitentiary in 1959. However, on July 14, 1967, he escaped from prison with another prisoner. Arnold and his fugitive friend, CNN reported. James HardingWhile escaping over a high barbed wire fence, they tried to trick the guards during the count using masks obtained through a parolee.

Arnold moved in with a woman in Chicago, married, moved to California, and later went to Australia. He spent the rest of his life there, worked, started a family, and eventually He died in 2010 as John Vincent Damon.

His family did not know about his past.

According to his son in an interview with the Omaha World Herald, his family never knew about Arnold’s background and only knew that his father was an orphan. Had Arnold’s son not submitted his DNA to a genealogical database, He would probably never learn of their father’s past, whom they described as “a very good father”.

In 2020, the deputy chief of police of the United States in Nebraska Matthew Westoverhad taken over Arnold’s old case. Westover told CNN:Someone has left office and you need to turn in your cases (on leaving)” he said and continued: “One of my friends gave me this case as a joke, you know, like ‘you’ll never find this guy’.

Westover did not find Arnold, but did find his brother, who agreed to give a DNA sample. Major business services don’t allow law enforcement to file DNA applications, but they did, with the brother’s consent, CNN reported.

A match turned out to be in 2022, with Arnold’s son submitting a DNA sample to the DNA database a few years later. Thus Arnold’s son, He learned that his father had been arrested and that he was orphaned because he had killed his parents. It turned out that Arnold, who was wanted as a fugitive for years, also died under a different name.

Arnold’s son, who has not been named, told CNN, “No warning label saying you might not like what you find on the DNA test kit” he said and added: “But I don’t regret doing this, and now I’m happy to know the truth about my father.


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