After Pamela Anderson, another ’90s sex icon is coming to Netflix


Netflix, Pamela Andrsonpublished earlier this year, Pamela: A Love StoryAfter ‘, she is preparing to bring another sex icon of the 90s to the screens.

Directed by Ursula Macfarlane Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know MeThrough the lens of a documentary filmmaker, she sheds light on the career, death and secrets of Anna Nicole Smith, real name Vickie Lynn Hogan. Smith, who became famous for his poses for Playboy in 1992, could not achieve the same success in his acting career. But he always managed to attract attention with his life and death.

In the introductory interview, Macfarlane said, “I want viewers to understand that Anna Nicole is a complex woman.‘ he says and continues:Above all, she was an enthusiastic woman who wanted to be a good mother, a free-spirited woman who wanted to live life by her own rules. But her story is also a cautionary tale of how the American dream can devour you, cloud your self-image, and make you lose sight of your true self.

Netflix’s new documentary promises material like never-before-seen footage and interviews, and It will be released on Netflix on May 16.


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