Airlines Are Withdrawing Customer Support On Twitter Due To Chaos From Twitter’s Verified Confirmation (Blue Tick)


Some European airlines have stopped providing customer service via Twitter. This is because Twitter changed its terms and blue tick mess.

Twitter changes its terms,” the statement directly points to Elon Musk. Major airline companies Air France In a tweet he sent, “Since Twitter changed its terms, our direct message customer service is unavailable on this network,” instead, it directs customers to the customer support page on the website.

Twitter is known as an important platform that customers use for requests and complaints from brands. But recent updates and Elon Musk’s decisionsseems to be pushing brands away from this platform. Specifically, “verified account”blue tickThe removal of “in from accounts and making it paid – that anyone who pays can get – Made a fuss on Twitter. This confusion appears to have raised security concerns among some airlines. Many companies are dissatisfied with the fact that even fake accounts can get blue ticks by paying money. Because no one can understand whether an account is official or not anymore.

Air France will continue to report updates on its Twitter profile. An Air France spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal about the issue. the following says: “Currently we no longer offer private messaging customer service on this platform, but our commercial teams are still available through the usual channels, including other social networks.”


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