Browser giant may abandon Google and switch to Bing


More recently, Samsung has used it as the default search engine on its devices. It was alleged that he could leave Google and choose Bing instead.. We haven’t heard anything new about it since then. But a similar claim is now being talked about for Firefox.

In September 2021, Mozilla announced that it was testing Microsoft’s Bing as the default search engine in the Firefox browser. And now a new report shows that Microsoft is also looking to enter a contract with Mozilla to use Bing instead of Google. The source of this claim is The Information.

It is clear that Microsoft wants to close some of the market share gap with Google in this way. The latest Statcounter data shows that Bing’s user count is on a steady line. The latest figures It shows that Bing has a share of only 2.79% versus Google’s 92.63%. Statista, on the other hand, suggests that it has fallen since October last year, when Bing peaked at 9.92%. Accordingly, Bing’s percent share in March decreased to 8.23.

In the new era, Microsoft can capitalize on the interest around AI chatbots. Although the usage rate seems low, the Bing search engine It reached 100 million active users in March.


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