Chinese Scientists Managed to Control the Mind of a Monkey


Chinese scientists, using the monkey’s mind to control a robotic arm They claim to have created a brain-computer interface that provides The research, which is still under peer review, was announced in an announcement on May 5 by Nankai University in Tianjin. Researchers, just like other examples of such technologies, this technology will one day be able to use their limbs. can help people argues.

The aforementioned technology electroencephalogram (EEG) signalsturns the monkey’s robotic arm into control instructions that it can use to bring food to its mouth. The technology works using a special receptor inserted into a small opening in the carotid artery that goes directly to the motor cortex of the brain via the sagittal sinus in the skull.

Other companies have recently been working on brain-computer interfaces similar to this research. One of the most famous startups, if not the most technically impressive Coming from Elon Musk’s Neuralink ve how to play Pong with a monkey’s mind had shown.


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