Former Roscosmos executive targeted a manned landing on the Moon this time…


Former head of Russia’s space agency Roscosmos and famous for his strange statements Dmitry Rogozinby sharing some conspiracy theories about the first landing of the United States on the Moon, tries to divert attention from the invasion of Ukraine.

The politician, who has a provocative point in almost every statement, made a statement on Telegram, while he was Russia’s deputy prime minister, In 1969, NASA wanted official proof of the Moon landing. said, but apparently only cosmonaut Alexei LeonovHe bought a copy of a book written by .

When President Vladimir Putin gave him the top position at Roscosmos in 2018, he brought up the same issue again; But “Sacred collaboration with NASA” He was accused of undermining.

And now, in their new statement “I also received an angry call from a senior official accusing me of ‘aggravating the international situation’ under my suspicions.” he said and continued: “How the USA, at the level of technological development in the 60s of the last century, did what it still cannot do now is very questionable.

This is not Rogozin’s first offense.

Given Rogozin’s dubious past, one can guess that his recent provocative comments were an attempt to spread disinformation and exploit prominent conspiracy theories.

A 2020 survey showed that despite the evidence presented that the moon landing was real, nearly half of Russians believed the 1969 moon landings were a hoax orchestrated by the US government. It’s kind of famous, notorious, with Rogozin having an interesting view of reality and making weird statements.politics trollIt is also useful to remember that it is known as ”.

In 2018, Rogozin responded to the discovery of phosphine in the upper atmosphere of Venus by suggesting that the planet was actually Russia’s property:We believe Venus is a Russian planet. Our country became the first and only country to set foot on Venus successfully.

In response to the sanctions that followed the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Rogozin made repeated threats that Russia would withdraw from the International Space Station (ISS), suggesting that this could result in a deadly landing on the United States, Europe, China and India.

Even separating the Russian modules of the ISS and US astronaut Mark T. Vande HelloThreatened to leave him stranded in space. However, like many of its provocations, it turned out to be an empty threat, and Roscosmos made a quick statement, reassuring its international partners that no one would be left behind.

Rogozin was removed from his role on Roscosmos in July 2022 and has since spent most of his time fanning the flames of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While his latest claim may sound like a bombshell from the former head of a prominent space exploration organization, it would certainly be a huge mistake to accept anything he says without question.


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