General Mobile GM 23 SE is a phone that can be bought comfortably at a minimum price! Here is General Mobile GM 23 SE Preview


General Mobileis back with 2023 phones. We recently got to know the GM 23 model together. Now we have GM 23of more affordable SE models was.

The price of the GM 23 SE is only 3799 TL. Thus, it is one of the most affordable phones. GM 23 SEIt looks beautiful with its design and welcomes those who want to own a smartphone for the first time in terms of features.

Let’s take a look at what comes out of the phone’s box first. Everything you might need comes out of the box of the GM 23 SE. In addition to the charging adapter, cable and earphones, the silicone case is also included in the box. By the way, the charging adapter 7.5W power Let’s say it is.

GM 23 SE is one of the beautiful models in terms of design. It is one of the nice-looking phones with its flat edges, drop notch display and striped light beam coating on the back. The phone is available in ice blue and moon gray. 2 different color options exists.

With Android 12 operating system incoming phone screen 6.52 inches in size and HD+ resolution. MediaTek Helio G37 GM 23 SE powered by chipset, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage owner. These features are sufficient for the entry level. In addition to the 4 GB RAM capacity +2GB virtual RAM reinforcement and storage area Expandable up to 256GB via microSD card glad to have. The battery capacity of the phone is also at the level of 5000 mAh. Thus, it is one of the phones that we expect to work for a long time with its battery life.

GM 23 SE’de both fingerprint reader and facial recognition features in the present case. The fingerprint sensor is placed on the side of the phone. Facial recognition can also be done through the camera. And by the way, on the phone as a General Mobile classic dual SIM card support is also included.

When we come to the cameras of the phone, it has a pixel grouping feature on the back. 32MP resolution photos We see that it is the main camera that can shoot. If the front 5MP selfie camera there is. General Mobile has included different modes for these cameras. We will consider them all in more detail in our review video.


Yes, when we look at the quick conclusion, General Mobile GM 23 SE is remarkable especially with its price. It makes a difference as it is a phone that can be easily purchased for minimum wage. In terms of its features, we can say that it generally looks suitable for daily use on paper and is sufficient for social media circulation. It also looks good with its design. However, we will give our final word on the GM 23 SE in the review report.


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