Google Tests Real-Time Dubbing Service for YouTube


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PaLM 2Seamlessly integrate AI features in the Google ecosystem, including Bard, Google I/O 2023 became one of the main themes of the event. However, Google believes that some features should not be released immediately. Meanwhile PaLM 2 is known as the next generation major language model based on Google’s research in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In the Google I/O talk, the company’s senior vice president of technology and society James Manyikamisinformation and some artificial intelligence capabilities, that is, expressed concerns about disinformation that can be made through artificial intelligence. What Manyika is talking about, deepfake work language models they use to voice over videos.

Considering that this technology has the potential to be abused, Google has not neglected to take some steps. For now, it has been published as a prototype in the testing phase.Universal Translator” feature has already become the focus of attention by developers.

Google’s Universal Translator can translate conversations in real time. While watching a video, you can instantly see and read what is being said in another language. It’s kind of experimental. artificial intelligence video dubbing service We can say it is.

prototype, during the event Arizona State University It was showcased through videos taken from a work created in collaboration with Google says the initial results are promising.

The model works in 4 stages. In the first stage, the model matches lip movements in a video to words she recognizes. Step 2 triggers an algorithm that provides instant speech generation. Stage 3 of the model uses intonation, which measures the rise and fall of the speaker’s natural speaking rate to aid in translation. Finally, after copying the style and matching the tone from the speaker’s lip movements, he puts it all together to create the translation.

The Universal Translator feature is not yet available, except for a small group of testers. After Google tested this feature, YouTube and video conferencing service Google Meet may be made available for services such as


Google Tests Real-Time Dubbing Service for YouTube

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