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The Horizon: Zero Dawn series is undoubtedly the best of the last 10 years. PlayStation one of the series. In addition to selling a lot and winning many awards, the most important aspects of this series are that it offers a wide world that will give gamers their money’s worth, has tons of things to explore and do, and knows how to entertain the player while they are in the game. 2nd game in the series Horizon Forbidden West It was released last year. This time, we are traveling with Aloy to the burning shores, namely Burning Shores. Burning Shores Since it is a DLC, of ​​course, it is not as long as the 2nd game. Therefore, let us warn you from the beginning: The taste will remain on your palate.

The duration of the game is short, but it would not be wrong to say that this resulted in a more refined game. Burning Shores, the development team Guerrilla Games‘ to deliver a concentrated and focused experience. On the other hand, trying to see everything and rush to every mission was tiring from time to time due to the long gameplay time of both main games and too many things to do. Guerrilla Games is curbing the pace of the series a bit with Burning Shores.

But of course, the tempo of the game is still high in itself; Even some nice additions have been made. Once again we fight the machines, solve puzzles and discover new things by climbing tall structures. Guerrilla Games has added surprises to this game with new machines to discover and made more fun ways to beat them. But what’s the story of Burning Shores?

Burning Shores, bizi The Angelstakes it to. Volcanoes, which were active as a result of earthquakes that hit the region, spew ash into the environment, while lava rivers have surrounded them on every side. Machines roam the region in a way we would not be surprised at. There’s only one reason for this, and that’s the only surviving Zenith, so Walter Londra.

Walter London may be the most annoying of the narcissistic characters you’ve ever seen. A mining magnate and CEO of Heaven¢ When Walter London, a loner, arrives at the ruins of Los Angeles called the Burning Shores, he discovers something: a sunken Quen expedition ship. With his superior megalomania and persuasion, he brought himself to this clan. Living Ancestor and Ashes TimeLondon, which presents itself as the only survivor of . until the opposite Aloy ve Seyka until it comes out…

Oh yes, Seyka. We have one more character in the new game. Sayka, From the Quen clan our new friend. Seyka, who is held captive by her sister Walter London, is just as talented as Aloy. When the chemistry of Aloy and Seyka, both of whom aim to stop Zenith, also holds, “color” comes to the game, and it is up to you to explore this part, so that we don’t give spoilers.

Burning Shores’taki action, Zero Dawn or Forbidden West It will look familiar to anyone who has played it. As in every 2 games, we fight giant robotic animals in Burning Shores and we add the Quen clan to this. Diversity is also supported by new weapons and new machines. Now you have much more machinery to deal with, and so are the weapons you can defeat them with. Of these, powered by Far Zenith technology new energy weapon We think it will be your favourite. Moreover additions to the skill tree made. Thus, while the game mechanics are diversified, it is quite possible to get dizzy in order to make the most appropriate combination of the collection pieces you will add to the weapons and armors you use. Yes, we are being ironic about this, as it would be nice to simplify it a bit; Sometimes you really get tired of looking. We can say that the puzzles in the game will also force you quite a bit from time to time; this is a good thing.

And the visual… Sha-ha-what! Everything in the game looks stunning. This is because Burning Shores Exclusive to PlayStation 5 to be; fully optimized for PS5. Thus, we can say that we now see the power of Sony’s new generation game console. In this respect, it is possible to say that it has raised the bar above the main game. images, in performance mode even to a level that amazes you. When you add the magnificent views of Burning Shores to this, a magnificent picture emerges. In the game, you will find yourself watching the lava rivers as well as streams, canyons and sky movements. On the action side, we think you will really enjoy this colorful world with fighting mechanics flowing like butter.


Yes, Burning Shores is the kind of production that will easily be among the best DLCs developed recently. Horizon brings a breath of fresh air to Forbidden West and refreshes the excitement for the third game in the series. It is a production that will allow you to spend hours of fun with its magnificent visuals, dose of action, storytelling, game mechanics and additions. If you’re a die-hard fan of the series, you’ve already played and finished by now, but if you still have doubts, Burning Shores is a game you should not hesitate to add to your library. We look forward to where the gear that Guerrilla Games has increased with Burning Shores will reach in the third game of the series.

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Type: Action, Adventure, RPG
Platform: PS5
Distributor: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer: Guerrilla Games
For buy: www.playstation.com


Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores İnceleme

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