Is it possible to vote without a ballot paper, is it mandatory?


Turkey is going to the polls for the election, which will determine the president who will serve for 5 years and the new members of parliament.

  • In the election, 60 million 697 thousand 843 voters will cast their votes in the country.

  • 4 million 904 thousand 672 voters will vote for the first time in the country.

  • Voting will start at 08:00 throughout Turkey and will end at 17:00. However, even though it is 17.00, the voters waiting to cast their votes at the ballot box will cast their votes in turn after being counted by the president.


Voters can vote with one of the official documents with the Republic of Turkey Identity Number, which reveals their identity without hesitation, with pictures.

Such as identity card bearing the identity number of the Republic of Turkey, cold stamped identity card issued by official offices, passport, marriage certificate, military service certificate, driver’s license, professional identity card given to judges and prosecutors and members of the high judicial body, lawyer, notary public and military identity card, “who reveals his identity without hesitation” The person who does not submit one of the official documents with pictures cannot vote.


On the Internet, is it possible to vote without a ballot paper? The question is among the most sought after. It will not be mandatory to bring a voter information sheet showing where the voter will vote. Those who did not receive the voter information sheet will be able to learn where and in which ballot box they will vote on the website of the Supreme Election Board (YSK). If the election goes to the second round, the voter information sheet will not be required again.

The following information about the voter’s paper is given on the website of the YSK: After the determination of where the voters registered in the electoral roll will cast their votes during the election periods, a document showing the number of ballot boxes they will vote in which electoral district and region for each voter, the voter’s row number and other information. (Voter Information Sheet) is prepared. The voter information sheet is distributed to the voters by the district election boards between the dates determined in the election calendar. Voters who did not receive the Voter Information Sheet, “Where Will I Vote” section or via the e-Government Gateway, they can inquire where they will vote and take a breakdown of their voter information records.


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