Is the curse of the pharaoh real? A scientist opened an ancient Egyptian tomb, nearly died


An Egyptologist claims he fell ill with a mysterious illness that caused him to hallucinate and cough up blood after opening an ancient Egyptian tomb. Filmmaker and Egyptologist Ramy Romanyin conversation on The Jordan Harbinger Show, Discovery Channel TV show in 2019 Mummies Unwrapped He said he fell ill after digging a grave for her.

In an earlier interview with The Times, Khaleej said:While filming Mummies Unwrapped, I had my closest moment with death ever” said. The team was filming an episode about the mummified remains that people claimed belonged to a biblical figure.

Romany explains her situation:While filming the episode, we entered an unopened tomb for years. We opened the door and the locals stayed away first to make sure there were no snakes or curses. Because we don’t believe in curses, we went straight down the stairs. The tomb was eternal. We kept going down and it was pretty dusty. And I was drinking it all. On the way back to Cairo that day, I began to feel unwell.

The next morning my fever was very high. I have never had such a high fever in my life. It had risen to 42°C and I started coughing up blood. They brought a doctor for me. I almost died.

According to Romany The tomb had not been opened for nearly 600 years. In an interview with Jordan Harbinger, he added that fever causes hallucinations. His doctors, realizing it was caused by bats, snakes, or dust inside the tomb, gave him antibiotics.

Although Romany does not believe in the “curses” of the Pharaohs, says it has a “scientific” truth. While the idea that ancient Pharaohs cursed anyone who disturbed their sleep is superstitious, ancient tombs contain fungal pathogens. A study of those who opened Egyptian tombs found no questionable mortality, although they were victims of the so-called “curse”. Lord Carnarvonsmeared while opening Tutankhamun’s tomb thought to be infected with the fungal pathogen Aspergillus.

Although Romany is still not sure what kind of disease she got, she managed to tell her story by getting rid of this disease. Khaleej told the Times “I got better after four days but it was tough” he said and added: “With or without the mummy curse, something in that tomb struck me.


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