May 2023 report published: Which Windows version, how much is used?


While describing the performance improvements in the latest Windows 11 update a few days ago, Microsoft announced that the operating system runs on more than a billion computers. Unfortunately, the company did not offer any extra information such as exactly how many devices have been upgraded to Windows 11. Still, developers and customers don’t stay completely uninformed, thanks to Statcounter’s monthly reports. Of course, we cannot say that data from third parties is always 100% correct. But it is a fact that they give an idea about the general situation. According to Statcounter’s May 2023 report, Windows 10 remains the most used operating system among Windows users. About 71.9% (+0.54 points) of all users continue to use Windows 10 for their daily computing needs. The growth of Windows 11, which will soon turn two years old, has slowed down a bit. The operating system fell to 22.95% with a slight decrease (-0.16 points) compared to the previous month. Time will tell how the newly released “Moment 3” update will affect the market share of Windows 11 and whether the features announced at the Build conference are enough for Windows 10 users to finally make the difficult decision to update. Taken together, Windows 10 and 11 together hold 94.85% of the entire market. As predicted, Windows 7 suffered a significant drop when Microsoft discontinued the Extended Security Update program in January 2023. However, a significant number of users still continue to use Windows 7. Statcounter says the operating system has a 3.61% market share (-0.17 points). Also, with Mozilla announcing that it is ready to continue supporting Windows 7 for more than a year, the operating system, which was discontinued by its developer, will no longer receive updates, but will continue to have a main browser with regular patches and security fixes. Most used Windows versions (May 2023) Windows 10: 71.9% (+0.54 points) Windows 11: 22.95% (-0.16 points) Windows 7: 3.61% (-0.17 points) ) Windows 8.1: 0.72% (-0.13 points) Windows 8: 0.37% (-0.06 points) At this point, it’s also exclusive to Windows XP, which is still in existence ten years after its extended support ended. It is useful to be reminded. According to Statcounter’s findings, about 0.32% of Windows users still use XP to access the internet. Related Gallery 12 inventors killed by their own inventions Browse Gallery


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