Microsoft has now made the Bing Chat chatbot available to everyone…


Microsoft is now Bing Chat chatbot It lets you try it without a waiting list. Naturally, this means that many people are currently trying and using the service for the first time. However, many Bing Chat users are also complaining that responses are slow.

One user, who stated that he wanted to see faster response times, wrote in his Twitter message “Sometimes I have to wait so long, it’s ridiculous” said. Head of Advertising and Web Services, Microsoft Mikhail Parakhin whereas, “usage keeps increasing, we are not adding GPUs fast enough” he admits this problem and promises that the current situation will be corrected.

These services increasingly require dedicated GPUs in data servers, and this requirement is currently one of the biggest obstacles to the general rollout of productive AI. NVIDIA, currently stands out as the largest manufacturer of these chips. However, unconfirmed reports AMD ve MicrosoftTo develop new AI chips that could eliminate some of the reliance on NVIDIA’s use of NVIDIA He claims to be collaborating.

Parakhin also took the time to answer some Bing Chat questions from other Twitter users this weekend. He told a user that the long-awaited Bing chat history feature will be available within days. to another user Bing Image CreatorDiscussion of more aspect ratios, but that “may not happen immediately.” told.

Another user is that Bing Chat will be available in the future. Code InterpreterHe said he hopes he will support .It needs to be done safely – not a trivial task” said.


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