Microsoft is gifting an unopened sample of its iconic device, which it canceled in 2012


Microsoft has released both Marvel’s new hit movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. He activated 3, as well as the domain name he hadn’t used for a long time to promote STEM education. And now, the company has announced that it will gift one lucky follower an original, unopened example of the iconic Zune media player, which was once the main subject of the domain and played a key role in the movie.

The company tweeted, “In honor of @MarvelStudios and #GotGVol3, we are giving away this unopened Microsoft Zune. “We have no idea if it’s working or not,” he said.

The most noticeable part of this post is probably the “We have no idea if it’s working” part. In other words, Microsoft does not guarantee that the Zune it has gifted will work.

Unfortunately, this offer is only open to US residents and will run until May 17. All those eligible to participate have to do is like and RT the post above.

Zune media player, first released in 2006 and was canceled in 2012, after 3 generations. Although the device, running Windows CE 6.0, aimed to be one of the popular media players of that period, it could never bring Microsoft the success it expected.

Based on the price of the Zune media player at the time of its release, it should now be worth $180. But it should also be noted that the original unopened Apple iPhones were recently sold at auctions for over $63,000. In other words, this Zune player may also be worth much more than expected.


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