Might Be One of the Best DLCs: Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Review


Oh yes, Seyka. We have one more character in the new game. Sayka, From the Quen clan our new friend. Seyka, who is held captive by her sister Walter London, is just as talented as Aloy, and she is one of those types who make a mess in the battle arena. When the chemistry of Aloy and Seyka, both of whom aim to stop Zenith, also holds, “color” comes to the game, and it is up to you to explore this part, so that we don’t give spoilers.

Burning Shores’taki action, Zero Dawn or Forbidden West It will look familiar to anyone who has played it. As in every 2 games, we fight giant robotic animals in Burning Shores and we add the Quen clan to this. Diversity is also supported by new weapons and new machines. Now you have much more machinery to deal with, and so are the weapons you can defeat them with. Of these, powered by Far Zenith technology new energy weapon We think it will be your favourite. Moreover additions to the skill tree made. Thus, while the game mechanics are diversified, it is quite possible to get dizzy in order to make the most appropriate combination of the collection pieces you will add to the weapons and armors you use. Yes, we are being ironic about this, as it would be nice to simplify it a bit; Sometimes you really get tired of looking. We can say that the puzzles in the game will also force you quite a bit from time to time; this is a good thing.


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