Mysterious letter from Queen Elizabeth II in 1986


Queen A letter written by Elizabeth that cannot be opened for another 62 years is in a safe in Australia. The letter was addressed specifically to the Mayor of Sydney and includes instructions for it to open in 2085. No one knows the contents of the letter.

According to media reports, Queen II. Even Elizabeth’s closest people don’t know what’s inside.

According to local news outlet, the letter reads “On a suitable day chosen by you in AD 2085, please open this envelope and convey my message to the citizens of Sydney.” he is writing.

The letter was signed by the Queen in November 1986 and is currently due in Sydney. Queen Victoria Building inside, in a sealed capsule, ready to be opened almost a century later. The only clue to its contents is that although the building was designated for demolition in the 1950s, it was signed the year its restoration was completed.

If they want to open the letter, which, 60 years from now, will probably have a special value as a historical monument, we may be able to learn its contents.


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