New feature from Google to fight deep fake: “About This Image”


Google for Search platform at I/O event announces new feature designed to help combat “deep fake” images. This feature is called “About This Image” and it looks like it will be an important step towards understanding fake images designed to deceive people or spread misinformation.

Google’s blog post states that the feature will show three things about images found in Search. First, it will offer information about when the image was first indexed by Google. It will also show you where the image first appeared online. Finally, it will reveal whether it appears in places like social media, news sites, or even verification sites.

The explanation that Google supports with the example you can see above is as follows:With this background information about an image, you can better understand whether an image is trustworthy or if you need to take a second look. For example, with “About This Image” you will be able to see news articles pointing out that this image depicting a gradual moon landing was created by artificial intelligence.

“About This Image” özelliği It will be available in the US first in the summer. We can expect it to arrive in other regions by the end of the year.


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