Questions remain about the terrifying Barbie explosion…


In just a few weeks, by two independent groups ZTF20abrbeie also known as AT2021lwxTwo articles have been published describing . Probably “Scary BarbieThis event, which is more famous under the pseudonym ” It stands out as the largest cosmic explosion ever detected.

In the first study published last week, this explosion, in an event described as a gravitational fragmentation event, suggested that it was a star being torn apart by a supermassive black hole. Barbie is notable for being three times brighter than the brightest shot fragmentation event ever recorded. The second paper argues that if the supermassive black hole smashed a star about 15 times the mass of the Sun, it instead ate up a larger gas cloud that was about 1,000 times heavier than our Sun.

Queen University Belfast’tan Dr. Matt Nichollin the statement “At first we thought this flare could be the result of a black hole consuming a passing star. But our models showed that for the black hole to stay this bright for this long, it would have to swallow 15 times the mass of our Sun.” he said and continued: “It’s very rare to encounter such a massive star, so we think a much larger gas cloud is more likely. Many massive black holes are surrounded by gas and dust, and we’re still trying to figure out why this black hole started feeding so violently and suddenly.

It also draws attention with its duration: Exactly 3 years!

Barbie draws attention not only with the energy emanating from the event, but also with its duration. Supernova or gravitational fragmentation events only stay visible for a few months and are usually not that bright. The Barbie boom lasted for three years. Brightest gamma-ray burst in recent history GRB 221009A Even transient events that can be this bright, such as (this explosion was even brighter) last a few minutes, not years.

The only other objects approaching these values ​​are a supermassive black hole state that begins to be fed tremendously by a continuous stream of gas. they are quasars. These beings are the brightest objects in the universe.

University of Southampton Professor, co-author of the paper Mark Sullivanin his statement “When we look at a quasar, we see that the brightness rises and falls over time. But looking back over a decade, the AT2021lwx had no detection, then suddenly appeared with the brilliance of the brightest things in the universe, which was unprecedented.” says.

What could possibly be the beginning of a quasar phase? Scary Barbie blast observations continue, and so it can be predicted that we will see more research on this remarkable cosmic event in the coming years.

The study was published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society…


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