Recession in Bitcoin Supply at All-Time High


There has been an important development regarding the supply stagnation in the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin. According to the data, the recession in Bitcoin supply has reached an all-time high.

According to data from on-chain analytics company Glassnode, the supply stagnation of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin has reached its highest level in recent times. The post on the company’s Twitter account reveals that about 40,083 percent of Bitcoin’s total supply has been inactive for more than three years, a new record in the history of the leading cryptocurrency.

This means that despite the extreme price volatility that characterizes the Bitcoin market, a significant number of Bitcoin holders do not move their assets. Supply stagnation is a measure of how long Bitcoin is left without being moved or traded from a cryptocurrency wallet. The longer the period in question, the greater the stagnation of supply.

This metric is often used to measure investor behavior and sentiment. High recession or lethargy typically indicates a hodling behavior where Bitcoin holders or “hodlers” hold their holdings with confidence despite market fluctuations and expect a long-term price increase.

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