Samsung will also develop its own productive AI, but…


As reported by The Korea Economic Daily Samsung partners with Naver to build a productive AI platform similar to ChatGPT. But the AI ​​tool, unlike ChatGPT, It is said to be used internally by Samsung employees.

Samsung recently learned the hard way about the dangers of using ChatGPT in a corporate environment. Pieces of the company’s sensitive semiconductor information were leaked via ChatGPT when several employees tried to use the tool to make their jobs easier, not realizing that the information and code blocks they shared with the productive AI would become part of ChatGPT and be stored on remote servers beyond Samsung’s control.

Since then, Samsung has banned its employees from using ChatGPT, but reportedly plans to bolster the idea of ​​helping the workforce with the power of productive AI. The company’s Naver Corp. The partnership with Samsung will focus on jointly developing an AI platform for Samsung enterprise users only.

Samsung’s productive artificial intelligence, It won’t be open like ChatGPT and will be exclusive to employees across the Device Solutions Division. In the future, after field tests, the tool may become available to employees of other Samsung divisions, such as the Device eXperience division, which is responsible for devices such as mobile phones, household appliances.

Because Samsung’s in-house AI won’t leave the company’s servers and will be private to its employees, it can be tailored to help the company more than ChatGPT can.

For example, it is assumed that Samsung will share sensitive semiconductor data with Naver and Naver will apply this information to productive artificial intelligence. Thanks to this sharing, Samsung employees will be able to use the true potential of artificial intelligence without worrying that the source code for the semiconductor may leak onto the internet.

Also, perhaps more importantly, this in-house AI chatbot, jointly developed by Samsung and Naver, will understand the Korean language much better than any other productive AI.


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