Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, We Think We Can Now Talk to Animals


Scientists have recently discovered that chimpanzees have their own language and can communicate in sentence-like structures. Well, one day, What if we could have a real conversation with our pet or understand their thoughts?? Well, the answer may be artificial intelligence, which can enable us to talk to animals, thanks to large language models.

This may sound like a movie script to you. But according to the Earth Species Project, large language models (LLMs) may open new doors for how we communicate with animals around the world. Major language models are artificial intelligence models used in natural language processing (NLP). These models aim to provide the ability to understand, interpret and produce human language. Large language models are trained with billions of examples of words and sentences so they learn the structure and use of language. These models can be used in many NLP applications such as translation, text summarization, speech, text classification and dialog systems. The most well-known example of this is ChatGPT, which reached a large number of users in a very short time.

The idea is that as these models make human language more understandable and fluent, they can decipher the languages ​​used by animals using the same level of understanding. In this case, artificial intelligence can also be used to increase communication between humans and animals. If AI can successfully communicate with animals, it seems possible. However, this is only a small possibility. Because the existing major language models that companies rely on to advance their AI systems have many problems. Also, some believe that the future of artificial intelligence is not connected with these models. Instead, he believes smaller and more robust systems are the key to moving forward.

Of course, there are those who think that artificial intelligence may one day pose a threat to the existence of humanity. However, the idea of ​​using artificial intelligence to talk to animals seems very exciting, especially at a time when we continue to destroy the planet. While such a thing may seem absurd and impossible, wouldn’t it be nice to have a polar bear approach the microphone at a conference on global warming and share its fears and feelings about how we run our planet?

Of course, communicating with an animal through artificial intelligence is not the same as understanding it. There is still a long way to go before this type of research is applicable. However, this is an interesting path to follow in AI research and could lead to some exciting breakthroughs in the future.


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