The Apple Watch 9 may have a truly new and upgraded chipset…


As with every new iPhone generation, we encounter a new chipset in every new generation Apple Watch. But for the past few years, these new chipsets have been like rebranded versions that didn’t offer a significant improvement over the older models. While the Apple Watch 8 had an S8 chipset, it used the same CPU as the S6 in the S7 and even the Apple Watch 6.

Even the Apple Watch Ultra uses the same CPU, and so the Apple Watch lineup now definitely needs a real chipset upgrade. And Apple can do just that with the Watch 9.

As spotted by Apple Insider, highly trusted journalist and leaker speaking on Discord for the Power On newscast Mark Gurmanfuture models “is ready for updated SoC” told.

Gurman later said,I think this will be a new processor, not just a rebranding of the previous generation”, and when asked if this new chipset will be based on Apple’s A15 Bionic smartphone chipset, “yes, i believe it is” said.

A15 BionicThe chipset found in the iPhone 13 series, including the mighty iPhone 13 Pro Max. It’s even available on non-Pro iPhone 14 models, so it’s currently only a generation behind Apple’s top smartphone chipset.

The Apple Watch 9 probably won’t be available until September and is expected to ship alongside the iPhone 15 series. By then, the A15 will probably be two generations behind, but that will be a valid argument for phones that often have chipsets that are much more powerful than smartwatches.

Of course, it’s unlikely that Apple will plug an A15 Bionic into an Apple Watch without any modifications. A smartphone chip will likely be very large and draw a lot of power. But the development of a new S chip based on the A15 will definitely give a huge performance boost compared to the Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch Ultra. In other words The Watch 9 series may even be more powerful than the Watch Ultra.

Of course, although it comes from a reliable source, as with all leaks, this leak should be treated with suspicion for now.


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