Video of the flat-Earthist accidentally proving the Earth’s curvature goes viral…


Recently, since 5G is going to kill people until the birds are not real We’ve seen so many different conspiracy theories. We have also witnessed that many of the conspiracy theories focus on the Covid-19 epidemic and vaccines developed to protect people from it.

Not long ago, one of the most well-known conspiracy theories returned with a strange incident on social media. that the world is flat a person who wants to prove, When you accidentally prove that the Earth is round The video he posted instantly went viral.

The flat-Earthman featured in the video does a very simple experiment and drills a hole in two fence panels exactly 5.18 meters (17 feet) above water level. She then moves the panels slightly apart from each other and inserts a light through the holes that will be captured by a camera on the other side.

If the Earth were flat, it would have been enough to stand at the same height (5.18 meters) for the light to see it pass through both holes and reach the camera. However, since the Earth is not flat, it has to stand higher due to the Earth’s curvature for light to be seen.

As you can imagine, the camera can’t see the light until its assistant raises the light above its head. The Flat-Earthist came to this after accidentally proving the curvature of the Earth.interesting” says.

Netflix documentary Behind The Curve The flat-Earthist recorded for isn’t the only one who sets out to prove the Earth is flat and is disappointed. A man measuring with a spirit level on an airplane (and meanwhile saying that gravity is just a theory and that the level of the spirit level on the plane is proof of the flatness of the Earth.), another to sail to the edge of the Earth, with a decision that changed his life in a much greater way. He chose to take the very big step of joining the US Navy.

Still, if you want to prove that the Earth is/is not flat, there are very easy ways to test your preferred hypothesis. It is useful to do these tests yourself before the documentary team arrives at your door and see the results. Because there is a very high probability that you will be disgraced in front of the eyes of the whole world.


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