What no one expected has come true: Windows XP’s activation algorithm has been broken


This development probably won’t mean much to you, but it’s worth mentioning: the activation algorithm for Windows XP has been broken. More than 21 years after its debut, the legendary Microsoft operating system is coming to life once again. It is now possible to activate new Windows XP installations securely, without crack, offline. A blog post on Tinyapps revealed this hot news that no sane person expected. The algorithm and methods Microsoft uses to validate Windows XP product keys are not only beaten, but can be done using Linux. This improvement means anyone can now generate a valid product key to install and activate Windows XP offline. Microsoft shut down the servers needed to activate Windows XP a long time ago, so it’s not possible to use a genuine old product key online to activate the operating system. However, according to some posts that can be seen on Reddit, Microsoft accepted a product activation on the phone in 2020, and The Register thinks this method still works. Related Gallery The veil of secrecy can be opened: This is how the wreckage of the Titanic was displayed for the first time Browse Gallery


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