Where will I vote? This is how ballot box and voter information can be queried from e-Government


Türkiye goes to the polls today. ‘Where and in which ballot box will I vote’ The question is also among the most sought after on the internet. In this regard, YSK made a curious statement. YSK, in the elections on 14 May in the country entitled to vote Where and at what numbered ballot box 60 million 697 thousand 843 people He had uploaded his vote to e-Government.


So, how to query ballot boxes from e-government? It is very easy to access ballot box information via e-government. Voters can learn about the place where they will vote and their ballot box number from the “Domestic Voter Registration Inquiry” section by logging in with their identity information and password via e-Government. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Log into your e-Government account.
Step 2: Click on the Domestic Voter Registration Inquiry. You can access it by clicking this link:
Domestic Voter Registration Inquiry
Step 3: The place where you will vote, the ballot box number and the sequence number will appear.

According to the statement, this ballot box information will also be valid in the second round election to be held on May 28, if any candidate fails to obtain an absolute majority in the Presidential Election.


YSK answers the question of where I will vote as follows: “You can find out where you will vote, after the ballot voter lists are finalized during the election periods, through the e-Government portal, through the “Where Will I Vote” section at www.ysk.gov.tr, from the YSK mobile application or from the YSK call center (444 9 975).

In order to query the voter registration from the YSK website, it is necessary to enter the TR ID number and serial number. On the page that opens, your information and the information of those registered to your household are displayed.



E-Government also provides the following information for identification in voting.

– The voters who came to the ballot box; Bearing the Republic of Türkiye identification number; Republic of Turkey Identity Card, Temporary Identity Card, identity card, cold stamped identity card issued by official offices, passport, marriage certificate, military service certificate, driver’s license, professional identity card given to judges and prosecutors and members of the high judicial body, lawyer, notary and military identity He gives one of the official documents, such as a picture card, that reveals his identity without hesitation, to the president and tells the voter sequence number. Voters who do not submit one of these documents cannot vote. (298/87, 91).

– Identity documents issued and approved by municipalities and village or neighborhood headmen are not valid for identifying voters (298/87).

– The voter who presents a picture and official identity document that does not have the Republic of Turkey ID number on it, must submit a separate voter information sheet or a copy of the population registration issued by the population directorates in order to be able to vote.

For voters who are detained in penitentiary institutions or convicted of negligent crimes and do not have the above-mentioned identity documents, the document issued by the prison administration replaces the identity document (298/87).


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