YouTuber admits he shot down the plane for more views



Jacob took off alone from the Santa Barbara, California airport in November 2021 with cameras mounted on his plane. He took a parachute and selfie stick with him, as well as cameras.

US judiciary Jacob’s “he had no intention of reaching his destination, but instead plans to jump out of his plane during the flight and videotape himself and his crashed plane as he parachutes to the ground” claimed.

The plane crashed in the Los Padres National Forest 35 minutes after takeoff. Some YouTube viewers were skeptical of the crash, noting that Jacob was already wearing a parachute and made no attempt to land the plane safely.

After Jacob parachuted into the area, he went to the scene and collected the cameras. It is stated that Jacob, who later returned to the scene of the accident by helicopter, secured, lifted and destroyed the wreckage. However, during the investigation, it was revealed that Jacob had made a statement that he did not know where the wreckage was located.


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